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“Nau Te rourou, naku Te rourou, ka ora te manuhiri”

“With your basket, and my basket, all people shall thrive”


Obiz is an online shopping platform founded by Ara Mataki Tapui Limited, a local creative development agency in wellington.  Ara Mataki Tapui specializes in e-projects that are geared to strengthening and growing online projects that help evolve forward thinking communities, individuals, and groups in provisioning web or internet based commerce.

The agency has been the creative force behind several online based projects which have continued to grow over the past few years.  Current projects are, Telreia.com, an established brand in e-business marketing.  The administration and management of several face book entities involved in aggregating community and national news-twerks, putting together creative video and flyers to share information of social and cultural interest, and providing a dedicated creative channel for Runanga based iwi to increase outreach of topics, ideas, and panui.

Obiz.co.nz is the latest creative development which was originally conceived in days when the internet was still quite young.   The platform took inspiration from pioneering brands and icons in online e-commerce and the platform has sought to integrate the principles and data framework successfully used in high performing online marketplaces.

The Obiz platform offers a full e-commerce solution with product and inventory management that vendors can utilize and make their own.  It has been equipped with full online payment systems and a powerful seller/customer dashboard with individual product management and editing and customization.

The site supports split payment options across different sellers, or payments can be managed and settled direct via the Administrator.

Vendors/Sellers can add, all sorts of products including (but not limited to) downloadable electronic products such as, software, templates, e-publications, mp3 audio, and pictures which can be marketed and sold through the platform.  The site even has an affiliate mode.

Alternatively, Sellers can arrange Obiz Adminstration to manage their products and marketing for them for a monthly service fee, please email admin for any information

Customers can purchase, view customer profiles and order history, check real time tracking for their purchases, and review information about the types of products and their purchase count, the site has been set up to automatically add applicable taxes for NZ purchases (ie gst etc)

Sellers need to register and select an applicable plan (view plans here) and nominate the means through which you want to receive and settle payments.  Further information will also be forwarded to help you become familiar with the platform, you will need a PayPal account for settlements

Customers need to register with the site and logon to be able to shop, however you can browse and compare items without logging in

Types of Plans

The site has 3 types pf plan for Sellers


  • 30 day trial, no monthly payment
  • Commission paid on products sold  35%
  • Seller dashboard
  • Unlimited products
  • Own marketing
  • Monthly plan $24.95
  • Seller dashboard
  • Unlimited products
  • Selected marketing and promotion via the site
  • Settled via PayPal, no split payment option
Platinum Max
  • Annual plan $595
  • Advanced sellers
  • Split payment available
  • Direct Admin payment available
  • Seller dashboard
  • Marketing and Promotions available

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